Marvel and the Million Mom’s

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Happy Friday!  To those of you in the USA it’s also a holiday weekend too so I hope you are going to have a good time!

Well, it seemed like it was about time for us to visit the Million Mom’s again, one of my favourite groups to post about.  You’ll recall that we have talked about them before, most recently over the JC Penny and Ellen issue.  Well now it seems that they have Marvel Comics in their sights.  This particular spat is all about one of the X-Men and the fact that he is gay.  Yes, you read it right.  We are getting our knickers in a twist over super hero comics now…..

Aside from the fact that this is a comic, why shouldn’t there be gay super heroes?  Art reflects life, correct?  So it stands to reason that there must be gay superheroes…..

Big love,


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