The NAACP and Marriage Equality.

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Greetings all and I hope that you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you may be!  Yesterday, a friend, who I respect and admire, asked me what I thought I about the NAACP announcement.  I hadn’t actually seen it, as the weekend has been fantastically busy with gardening, shopping, a photo shoot, and a dinner party.  So today I made a point of finding it and thought I would blog about it.  Thanks Rene!

You can find the details in the link, but the skinny is that the NAACP voted 62-2 yesterday to support marriage equality in the United States.  They issued a pretty strongly worded statement about the fourteenth amendment to the constitution and how they see that as protecting equality for all.

Rene’s question was whether I see this as an important and helpful.  My answer would have to be yes, but I’m also interested to see how this plays out.  You’ll recall, dear readers, that I posted recently about how sad I was that some in the black community work to actively fight against equality.  This resolution will now force those people to evaluate their stands and to make a definite choice to go against one of their main organisations.  Will it make people change their opinion?  I don’t know.  It may actually cause more division and splintering which would be unfortunate.

What it will do, though, is to crystallise people’s thoughts even further in the run up to the election.  Ultimately, anything that makes people think has to be good, right?

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