Close to home politicians.

Today’s Link

Happy weekend to you all where ever you may be!  Today’s link focuses on the race for mayor in the city of Covington, just up the road from where James and I live.  You can read all about one of the candidates and the fact that she has just dropped out of the race after she made a whole pbnch of anti gay remarks the other day.

It’s good that she has dropped out as far as I’m concerned.  She is an “Ex-Gay” and has some pretty radical ideas.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I see people’s sexuality as a fluid thing and have no issue with someone’s sexuality changing over the course of their laugh.  But the whole Ex-Gay thing is something completely different, where it is a forced “conversion” from one to the other.  That, as has been discussed by many reputable bodies, is dangerous and causes many more issues than it solves.

It’s interesting to see that she is now going to spend time praying about homosexuality and asking God about gay people.  I pray and have asked God about gay people.  He has never said anything bad to me.  But other christians say the opposite.  So which message from God is right, and how do you know?

Big love,



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