The Black community, churches, and marriage equality.

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Greetings all and a happy Sunday to you. While I am far from mended I do feel guilty about not doing a proper post yesterday so I thought I needed to make sure to post today.

One of the saddest aspects of the whole argument about whether gay people should be allowed to have access to a civil service such as marriage has been the actions of the black community, specifically those who are church attendees.

This is a community that has faced persecution over the years on many issues, including the right to marry. You would think that make them a little more understanding on this matter. While there are black pastors and congregations who do support equal access to civil services, the majority, it seems, do not.

When questioned as to why not, the response is frequently that it is against God’s law. This is exactly the same argument that white people used to stop blacks from marrying.

When this is mentioned they respond by saying that they are different because being gay is a choice whereas being black is not. Here is my problem with that. It’s always straight black people who say that. How can they know if they are not gay themselves? They say that we can change if we want to. If I were to say that being black was a choice and that they could change, I would be laughed off the street. But there really is no difference. Their voice is just louder and supported by their religious beliefs. Being gay is as much an intrinsic aspect of your makeup as your skin color in my book.

But we don’t get to claim that do we? How sad that they should persecute us in the same way as they were persecuted. What’s is even sadder is that they won’t realize it and examine it.


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