Tales of the (un)expected.

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Yesterday, amendment one in North Carolina passed, banning equality.  Today, Barack Obama unequivocally states in an interview that he support marriage equality.  This is in line with his statements back in 1996.  Also today, the Log Cabin Republicans called the president “callous and offensive” for choosing today to make his statement. You can read their statement about it in today’s link.

What this does do is clear up the issue in time for the election.  We still don’t know if the democratic party will campaign on the issue, but it is certain to now be front and centre either way.  It also makes it very clear that republicans are against equality and democrats are for equality.  That certainly makes the issue even more polarizing than it was before.

Will this change the way anyone was going to vote?  Likely not, as I said in a posting just the other day.  But it will make the rhetoric more charged on either side and may cause some to reconsider their thoughts.  BTW, if you ever want know what the two sides of the population think about gay people you should go to CNN and Fox News to read the comments that people have been posting on the president’s announcement.  I listed both sites just to be fair.  You can imagine the rest.

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