Voting day in North Carolina.

Today’s Link

Today voters in North Carolina go to the polls to decide, amongst other things, equality in their state. I haven’t talked about it before on this blog, but amendment one, as it is referred to, seeks to enshrine in the constitution of NC that the only recognized unions are between a man and a woman.

While on surface that makes it the same as the many other discrimination clauses in state constitutions around the country, the amendment in NC also promises to void heterosexual relationships outside of marriage too. There has been lots of commentary about the effects that this amendment will have on children. You can read all about the vote and the campaign to defeat it in today’s link.

There will be an update likely tomorrow when all the votes are in and counted. Meanwhile it becomes a stressful waiting game again as our rights and love lifes are put back up for a popular vote.  This time, though, heterosexuals are poised to have their rights taken away as well, something that many people in North Carolina don’t seem to have realised.  Instant Karma…..

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