JC Penney and the (half) Million Moms are at it again….

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Happy sunday to all of you!  I hope that you are all having a super weekend wherever you may be!  If you are in the UK I hope you are having a truly fabulous holiday weekend too!

You’ll recall earlier in the year that the anti-gay organisation One Million Moms launched a big campaign against the store JC Penny because they had hired Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson.  Their argument was that most JC Penny shoppers are traditional (read narrow-minded) and would refuse to shop there.  JC Penny refused and stood up for Ellen who has continued to remain their spokesperson.

Clearly Ellen being there has not harmed things at all as a new JC Penny ad has hit the streets this weekend, just in time for Mothers Day (which for those of you who didn’t know is in March in England and May in the USA).  it shows a female same sex couple and their daughter.  You can see what the Million Moms had to say about this and JC Penny’s response in todays link.

Good for JC Penny.  I applaud you for being visionary and inclusive.

Big love,


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