What is it with Tennessee?

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So back we go to Tennessee once more, seemingly one of the centres of anti LGBTQ folk these days. I first saw this story on The Advocate but drilled down a little further to find the local article. This link is another article that talks about it in a little more depth.

The blogger referred to here is calling for many things, including the firing of the teacher involved. You’ll see that the level of hate surrounding this year book article has reached such a fever pitch that people are calling for the student to not be allowed to graduate and for people to have a mass protest where everyone rips out the offending article at the same time.

Not be allowed to graduate because he wrote an article about being gay for the year book? This is what is coming from the people who are involved in running schools.

What next America? Stopping people from graduating because they are black? Or has that been done before?

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