Don’t say gay in Tennessee, part II

Today’s Link

You’ll recall that a few days ago I posted a link about the “Don’t say gay” bill that was under way in Tennessee.  Well, it seems that the bill is going to be dropped now.  But an interesting addition has just occurred.

The arrival of the bill actually caused one of the republican legislators to come out as gay in a press conference.  You can read why and what he had to say about it all in the link.  I actually applaud this man for doing what he is doing and it speaks back to my comments about how if the republican party changed their attitudes on social positions such as these then they may actually gain more traction with gay people.  I had an awkward altercation with a friend yesterday about gay issues and the Republican party and I can genuinely say that I am pleased that this man stood up for himself, ignored his party line and said what he said.

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