“Il Duce will save us”! Ummmmm…NOT.

Today’s Link

Greetings all and I hope that your week is going well so far!  Today’s Link is a prime example of delusion.  You’ll recall that a few days ago I posted about the gay man who had been appointed to the Romney campaign as foreign policy advisor.  Well, today he has resigned.

In his resignation he stated that it was a shame because the Romney campaign didn’t have a problem with an out gay man in the campaign.  Really?  This man is crazy!  Perhaps it would have been more honest to say “The Romney campaign didn’t have an issue with me being on the team as long as I didn’t ask for equality in marriage, equality in healthcare, equality in taxes,” etc.  Clearly the campaign does have an issue otherwise they would have not accepted his resignation.  This kind of twisted logic is what makes me so mad about anti gay politicians and their supporters.

This man is delusional.  Along with all the other gay people who support a party that wants to deny all them their rights.  It’s not about which party you support.  It’s about which party will deny you your rights. 

I’m reminded of Maggie Smith in the movie “Tea with Mussolini”.  She sat there in jail saying “Il Duce will save us”.  That’s what gay republicans seem to be like. 

Well, “Il Duce” doesn’t care about you.  For real.

Big love,



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