More on the Boy Scouts.

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Greetings all!  I hope this Wednesday finds you all safe and happy in your part of the world!  It’s funny how when I seem to write about something another link to do with it pops up a few days later.  This is now the third or fourth time that has happened.  I wrote just the other day about the Boy Scouts and their policies in the USA, and now it seems that they have removed a woman from their organisation for being lesbian.

You can read all about this in the link.  The point that I wish people to note is that in the UK the Boy Scouts are legally not allowed to discriminate based on sexuality.  Because the USA does not protect people based on sexuality these organisations are free to do what they want to, hence the situation talked about in the link.  For all of those in the USA who say that there is no need for laws to prohibit discrimination based on sexuality, or who see those as “special rights”, this should provide an example for you to think about.

Discrimination shouldn’t be allowed at all.  Or should it?

Big love,



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