Mitt Romney appoints an openly gay person to his team.

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Here is an oddity for many reasons.  Mitt Romney, it appears, has appointed an openly gay man to be his foreign policy advisor.  That’s very strange to say the least.  Mitt Romney has on numerous occasions stated that he doesn’t believe in full equality for LGBTQ people, in all areas, but clearly he does believe in hiring them.

For me, though, what is more concerning is that a gay person would want to work for someone who has publicly stated on many occasions that they do not believe in equality.  You’ll note that the link refers to an interview that Grenell gave where he talks about hoping to be able to marry his partner.  How mad is this?  You want to marry your partner, so you think the best way to achieve this is by working for a many who is running on a ticket to deny you from doing that very thing!  I am all for being out and proud and changing hearts by letting people know us better as you know, but Mitt Romney is a stretch for me.

I really can’t understand why someone would work for someone who wants to deny them basic rights.  Feel free to explain it to me in the comments if you fancy the challenge…..

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