The Boy Scouts and their anti-gay policies.

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Today, when I was reading through articles, I found an interesting one about the Boy Scouts association and a recent award that they gave out.  You can read about the award in the link, and also all about the person who won it, accepted it, and then after finding out some more about the Boy Scouts, rejected the award and gave it back.  One of the comments on the article made me think a little more about the Boy Scouts as an organisation and how they are perceived.

Most LGBTQ folk know that they are an anti-gay group.  They have strict policies of not allowing out gay people to be involved in the organisation and have, to my knowledge, also kicked gay scouts and gay eagle scouts out of their organisation.  Some will say that as a private non-profit group they are entitled to these views, however distasteful, but they receive federal funds and grants from the government.  That makes them accountable for their actions and as far as I am concerned takes them out of the private sphere and most definitely into the public sphere.

There is always the argument put about by anti-gay people as to whether gay people should be allowed into contact with young people.  Since as far as I am aware most child sexual abuse cases are carried out by heterosexuals, this seems to be a moot point to me.  But more important is the fact that most straight people are unaware that the Boy Scouts follow these policies. I know that when I have mentioned this to straight folks in the past they have been really surprised by this new knowledge.  So to all of you who didn’t know, you do now.  It’s worth pointing out that the Girl Guides are at the other end of the spectrum and are very welcoming and inclusive.  I stress that so that you can feel fine when you stuff yourself with Girl Scout cookies.

In fact buy more!

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