LGBTQ folks and our hospital trip.

Greetings blogpickers from around the globe.  No link for you today!  Instead I thought I would write just a short comment on what James and I will be doing tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning James is going into hospital to have hernia surgery.  He’s had it before, so that is no big deal for him.  What is a big deal is what we have had to do this evening in preparation for his admission.  Why is this relevent to this blog I hear you ask?  Well, because tonight we had to wade through all of our personal paperwork and find copies of our legal power of attorney, medical powers of attorney, copies of our civil partnership certificate from England, and all sorts of other legal paraphernalia.

The reason?  Because the law won’t recognise our relationship.  So we have to go to the hospital armed to the teeth in ways that heterosexual couples don’t.  They don’t have to take all this documentation along to prove their relationships in the case of something horrid happening.  We do.  Even scarier is the fact that they could possibley deny us anyway,  saying that it conflicts with the hospitals values.  I am sure it will all be fine but it still irks me that we have to do all of this.

That, dear readers, is why I write this blog.  To raise awareness of these things…..

Big love,


One thought on “LGBTQ folks and our hospital trip.

  1. David, that is why we keep copies of all those papers in each of our cars and have them handy in the house. You never know when you might need them

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