“Don’t say gay” bill comes back again.

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It seems that the ostriches in politics are alive and well once more, especially in Tennessee.  Last year there was a bill that was called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill pushed around the house that would prohibit teachers and school administrators from mentioning homosexuality in school.  Anyone caught mentioning homosexuality would be prosecuted under the bill.

The bill ended up in committee last year, as you will read, and has now made it out and into the full house for voting on.  So what is the point of all of this?  I guess it works on the premise that if you don’t say anything about something then it will cease to exist. The logical next step is that if people don’t talk about homosexuality then people won’t be gay, right?  So it all comes back to the fact that these crazy people think that homosexuality is something that you can catch just by being made aware of the fact that it exists.

I am really shocked that the legislatures would spend so much time trying to ban people from saying things in schools.  I’m pretty sure that it would go against the precious first amendment if challenged though and I am sure that someone will happily test that out.  But I bet if a teacher stood up and decried gay people the school boards and lawyers behind this would just turn a blind eye….  Ostriches, the lot of them!

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