Another gay teen commits suicide.

Today’s Link

So yet another young gay person has succumbed to what seems like an epidemic in our schools systems – the epidemic of being bullied or teased because of sexuality.

Today’s link deals with the tragic case of a teen in Iowa who was bullied at school, receive death threats via text, and was also bullied on Facebook for his sexuality.  How bad must it be for these kids to feel that there is no way out for them?  I remember being bullied at school too and I remember the awful feelings that it created.  I remember being scared to death some days, but the teachers never seemed to really care.

Now we are in 2012, 30+ years later, and it still seems to be a major problem.  However our politicians still say that LGBTQ people don’t need any kind of protection and movies like “Bully” are given an R rating (later changed).  What will it take to stop this bullying from occurring I wonder?  Too many people have committed suicide; this must stop now.

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