What do Prop 8 and the North Carolina amendment share?

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I came across an interesting article today about one of the witness for the defense of Prop 8 in California who has now shown up in the amendment that is working its way through North Carolina too.

This person, however, is not showing up in the way I expected.  Once a witness for the defense (supporters) of prop 8, the proposition that banned marriage equality in California, he is now appearing in North Carolina saying that the amendment there is wrong and unfair.  Interesting stuff.  What I don’t know at this point is whether he has had a complete change of heart over the matter, or whether he is just speaking against the fact that the North Carolina anti-equality act is much more strongly worded than the California one.  It prohibits not only marriage, but also civil partnerships, and any other recognition of relationships between same-sex couples.

Maybe it will become clearer in the next few days as to what his stance is, but it is still interesting to me that people and their opinions seem to be constantly shifting on this issue.  That alone means that we must continue to be visible and campaign for equality for everyone.

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