Gay characters in video games now attracting attention.

Today’s Link

Never let it be said, dear reader, that I don’t toil to bring you news across all aspects of LGBTQ life.  Accordingly, today’s link deals with the issue of video games.  No, we are not talking about adult rated games, but ordinary games like Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars.  As you’ll read, the creator of these games, Entertainment Arts, has started to include LGBTQ aspects into storylines and character descriptions.

Why, I hear you cry?  because gay people not only exist in the real world, but they exist in fantasy world too.  C’mon, think about all those characters and funky outfits in Star Wars.  You really think that Princess Leia didn’t have a gay hairdresser to come up with that infamous cinnamon roll hairdo?  Now EA is being pressured by our old friends at the Family Research Council to stop this dastardly habit of putting real life into the games that it makes.

So far EA have refused and have been vocally calling out such groups for what they consider to be political harassment.  Good for them in doing so.  Are we to be marginalised everywhere, including on people’s XBOX 360 and Playstation?  Art reflects life, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that video games are fine art, they are something that brings expressions, joy and creativity to the many gamers.

So leave our games alone!

Big love,



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