Chile anti-discrimination law.

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Here is a story that is both sad and happy.  A few weeks ago a 24 year old gay man was beaten to death in Chile by a group of Neo-Nazis.  His attackers allegedly carved swastikas into his body while they tortured and killed him because of his sexuality.

Years ago hate crime legislation was introduced in Chile but the legislation was never passed.  There were the usual debates about how gay people didn’t need any protection etc.  Clearly (and obviously) that was not the case then and it clearly isn’t the case now either.

Now that this poor chap is dead at the hands of these thugs the legislation has been revived, has passed both houses in Chile, and is heading into law, probably as a direct result of this incident.  Here in the United States similar such legislation has been offered many times and the rate of homophobic crime and assault continues to rise.  However, there is no such sign of any similar law gaining passage here.  One hopes that it will not take any more people to be killed in the USA before politicians and people in the US step up and pass laws to protect people.

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