What is gay?

Today’s Link

Today, dearest reader, I thought I would publish a link on something a little different.  Today’s link is all about the word “gay” and, with regards to identity, whether we actually need the word or not.  Is the strive for equality actually a strive to eliminate the words gay and straight from our gender and sex oriented society?

While the author is talking rather generally about these things, and doesn’t necessarily talk about some of the wider issues of identity, such as inherited identity and the like, he does talk about it in layman terms that may help stimulate some further discussion on the topic.  I actually fall somewhere in the middle of all of this.  Belonging to a group identity is an important thing for some people, especially those that have been refused admission to some other sort of identity in the past (school bullying anyone?)  But there is also the danger that folks can become part of some sort of identity “groupthink” we can be just as damaging.  However, if we were to remove all of these labels and terms as the author ponders, what would that mean for those who fit outside the norms of constructed identies?

What do you think?

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