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Morning all….Happy Sunday to you!  I’m not usually able to find many examples of prominent Republicans sticking up for LGBT rights and issues so when I do I like to make sure I bring them to the forefront.  While this doesn’t directly address LGBT bullying in schools, it does represent a tacit comment on the issue.

Mike Huckabee, as you will see in the link today, is stating that he things that everyone should have to see the new movie “Bully” which deals with issues of bullying in schools.  Good for him.  He does, however, stop short of mentioning the LGBT bullying that goes on in the movie, but that presumably is covered under the comment “some otherwise”.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but have heard it talked about a number of times on NPR and other outlets.  What I have heard is that it is a gripping and disturbing movie indeed that highlights the real issues that are faced in our schools by all.  All kinds of bullying needs to be dealt with in our schools and I think that this movie should be required viewing in schools too so that kids can see the effect of what they do.

Thanks to Mick Huckabee for calling this out.  Wow, I never thought I’d say thanks to someone like this….

Big love,


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