Pride and the Army

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Now that “Don’t ask, don’t tell” in the USA has been repealed there are things happening to make life better for gay people serving in the military and the straight people that they serve alongside.  Doubtless though there are still things that need to be overcome.  One of the ways that can happen, as I talk about often, is through communication.

Enter the first pride events in the US military, something that is sure to attract a lot of comment.  It doesn’t seem that we are talking parades, floats, soldier drag queens, and the like, but more along the lines of pride weeks with special communication and social events.  You can read more in the link.  I think that this is a great way to be able to bring all sides together and finally introduce some understanding into the equation, especially for those who have been unable to (or unwilling to) do so in the past.  We haven’t seen the military grind to a halt, people raping each other in the barracks, or a mass exodus of straight people refusing to serve, all the things that we were told would happen if DADT were repealed.  These next steps of communication and sharing are necessary and will help to move things forward once more.

For those that say they are unnecessary, I disagree.  Gay people have been denied a voice in the military for a long time.  Now let them speak and see what happens next.

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