Mass weddings!

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Greetings all and a happy Sunday to you around the globe. As I leave San Francisco, a city with a large part to play in the race for marriage equality, my eye was drawn to another city, that of Cleveland, OH, where an unusual event took place yesterday.

Cleveland doesn’t strike me as somewhere that marriage equality is likely to visit anytime soon and I guess a lot people think the same too. So a group of enterprising people decided to hold the worlds largest illegal mass wedding.

While this may have just seemed like a weird or a fun thing to do to some it does hold a greater thing within it’s sphere. That thing is called visibility. As you have heard me mention before, visibility is crucial to achieving equality in all areas. As long as people don’t see us out and about they can continue to ignore us and the issues that we fight for. Making ourselves visible makes us much harder to ignore.

So get out and be visible!

Big love,


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