The Olympic torch bearers

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Not being one for all things sporty (unless it’s Ice Skating or Sporty Spice), I tend not to pay too much attention to sport related things.  Every once in a while though, when LGBT issues and sports collide, I feel it my duty to pass on bits of information, to you, my dear readers, so as to keep you on the path of enlightenment if you are into sports.  Today is one of those days!

The torch bearers (all 8000 of them) were announced today for the Olympic flame for the upcoming London Olympic games.  A nice article appeared on Pink News in the UK about how many people from LGBT sports organisations have been openly included this time.  Sports has long been an area where LGBT people have struggled to be allowed to compete and celebrate with their loved ones openly, so this marks yet another milestone in the long marathon of equality (couldn’t help myself there).

Congrats to all of those who will participate in the torch thing.  it shows that the Olympics is all about diversity for everyone, something that I hope is remembered through the Games!

Big love,


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