Rutgers university, webcams, and suicides.

Today’s Link

Over the last few weeks the trial of the man accused of using a webcam to spy on his gay room-mate having sex, posting it online, and also tweeting about it has been going on in the glare of the media.  Two days ago the man was found guilty on numerous counts of various things, including hate crimes.

There has been much rhetoric on both sides of the fence on this one and I won’t re-hash it all here for you.  Today’s link gives a short summing up of some of the issues.  But one think is clear to me.  Tyler Clementi jumped to his death because someone filmed him having sex with another man and then spread it around all over the web and through other means too.  This man was convicted of hate crimes.  Pamela Anderson, Fred Durst, and all the other sex tape people didn’t kill themselves, or result in felony crime charges did they?  No, but that is because there is no stigma around being heterosexual; it isn’t gossip fodder in the sme way.

Being gay is different in that sense.  If society was more accepting of LGBT people then the stigma wouldn’t exist and Clementi may not have felt the need to jump off a bridge to his death.

That is the bigger lesson here.

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