Now for something chilling……

Today’s Link

I came across a link today about some disturbing tweets on Twitter to do with the #tag ToMyUnbornChild.  For those of you who are Twitterphobes the concept of #tags (hashtags) is a simple one.  When you compose a tweet you can a #tag to it to index that tweet.  So if you want to see all the tweets about a specific topic you just do a search on the #tag….easy when you know how, huh?

#tomyunbornchild became popular just a few days ago.  I actually saw a number of tweets using this tag and most were funny or just sweet.  However it turns out that some were more sinister.  Today’s link will take you to a compilation of tweets that people sent to their “unborn child” saying what they would do if the child turned out to be gay.

Chilling stuff indeed….

Big love,



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