Back to the hotel in Cornwall again…..

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Remember the hotel in Cornwall who refused a gay couple a hotel room together because they were not married, despite the fact that they had a civil partnership?  You’ll recall that the county court, and then the court of appeals found them guilty of discrimination.  They were not given leave to appeal the ruling either.

Fast forward to today and they have announced that they are filing for leave to appeal the judgement so that they can take the case to either the supreme court in England or the European court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.  They say, as you will read, that there has to be a way that people of different lifestyles can co-exist together side by side.

Well, Mr and Mrs Hoteliers, the way for these two “lifestyles” to exist together is to allow them to be equal and to allow them the same rights and privileges.  Which is precisely what the courts have already told you.  So how about you start letting everyone live side by side, beginning with your business.

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