The Million Mom’s turn their back on Ellen

Today’s Link

Well, after a lot of counting and a lot of back and forth in the press it seems that the million Mom’s have finally called it a day with regard to Ellen and JC Penny.  You can read all about it in the attached link of course.

I’m all for people having a cause to rally behind and I am always supportive of people having something to believe in.  Except when it harms other people.  Now, this didn’t harm Ellen and that is not what I am talking about.  It did harm gay people.  By attempting to smear one of the LGBT communities largest and most visible spokesperson, it automatically becomes a (not so) subtle smear on the rest of the LGBT folks.  If they think she is not good enough to be visible than that means the same about the rest of us.

That’s why this campaign was a bad thing…in case you were wondering.

Big love,



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