The case for marriage equality in the UK and the newspapers.

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Greetings blogpickers!  Things are heating up in the UK on the marriage equality front it seems.  With the governments public consultation into marriage equality about to open the newspapers in England are starting to position themselves into the middle of the debate.  First off the blocks……The Times?!

Not one of my favourite newspapers in the UK, I am, however, surprised that they should be one of the first to declare their colours publicly in full support.  The Telegraph has already showed their point of view, which wasn’t exactly clear, and as the article states, usual suspects like the Daily Mail continue to spill their poison freely.  Whatever your political or newspaper persuasion, one thing is certain and that is the fact that things are going to get quite heated in the next few months.

I’ll be keeping track of what happens via this blog which will perhaps be interesting to the USA readers of this blog.  I am far from proud of the print media in my country as most of them seem to be run by scumbags but it will be fun to watch what they all come up with!  Indeed, when I left the country I always declared that I wouldn’t come back to live there until the Daily Mail was closed.  The News of the World is gone already…….here’s to hoping!

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