Ping Pong in Maine

Today’s Link

Greetings blogpickers.  I hope that everyone had a good start to their new week wherever you may be in the world!  Today’s link is odd one.  Over in Maine the usual game of ping-pong over who gets to control who’s right to marry is in full swing.  Coming up this november is another round with a bill on the ballot to overturn the bill from a previous ballot that overturned marriage equality.  Confused?  Keep up please….

The news from Maine today is that the Catholic Diocese in Portland has made a statement that they will NOT campaign against the amendment to allow marriage equality in November.  Good for them.  They have stated that their beliefs haven’t changed but that they think there are other ways that they can engage in the rhetoric.  It will be interesting to see how this pans out.  You’ll see some of the ways in the associated article.

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