Archie vs One Million Mom’s

Today’s Link

Greetings blogpickers!  Happy weekend to you all!  Not being one to read comics, even as a child, it came as some surprise to me that they still really exist.  Apparently Archie is a comic that has now been in print for over 70 yrs here in the USA.  Well, in a sign of the times, the comic has recently just had its first same-sex marriage take place.  Not content with tackling just one hot button image though it also seems that one of the grooms is a soldier too to give it a double twist.

The Million Mom’s campaign is now harassing all places that sell this comic and calling for a boycott as usual.  Sigh.  That seems to be a sign of the times too, doesn’t it?  You can read all about it in today’s link if you are so inclined.

Now the burning question for me is this.  According to the US Census in 2010 the population of the USA is 308,745,538.  So why are we listening to just one million of them?

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