Gay teacher fired…..for getting married.

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I read about this story yesterday on a number of people’s Facebook page.  Following on from all the conscience stuff I have been posting about comes a troubling story of a teacher who, it appears, was fired because he is getting married.  This highlights the very real issue of workplace discrimination against LGBT folks and one that these conscience amendments pander to.

I often hear people say that organisations should be allowed to do this kind of thing.  What that could eventually lead to is a stratified society where groups become isolated from each other because they don’t want certain kinds of people to be around.  Whilst that may seem like a nice idea in principle, imagine what that would actually be like in practice.  The human race depends on diversity for all kinds of things from breeding, discussion, travelling, foundations, etc.  So something like this is especially troubling as it removes certain groups from interacting with other groups.  Especially troubling in this example is that the person had done nothing wrong, other than announcing that he was getting married.

Very disturbing….

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