The conscience amendment

Today’s Link

A little different today as our link comes from Chicken Noodle News, (otherwise known as CNN) so-called because like most news media it has little substance and ultimately leaves you feeling hungry just a few hours later without really knowing why…..but I digress.

All the hoo-hah over the contraceptive issue the other week resulted in this conscience amendment being voted on and ultimately tabled today.  This would have been a bill that would potentially have had massive consequences for the LGBT community as it would have allowed employers to opt out of providing coverage that they have a moral objection to.  The rhetoric has been around contraception which is clearly an important aspect.  But what would it have meant to the wider LGBT community?

Imagine, if you will, that your employer suddenly has an aversion to gay people.  Do you think they may suddenly pull coverage for HIV related medication, counselling services, reproductive health for LGBT folks, treatment that people suffering from gender dysphoria may require?  The list could go on and on.  Suddenly you find your health care coverage being changed because your employer may disagree with certain aspects of your life.  Sound dangerous yet?  Sure does to me….

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