Martina Navratilova and Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing.

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Note:  For some reason this entry didn’t get published the other day when it should have been.  Here it is, and hopefully it will get slotted in where it should have been automatically.

Today the cast for the upcoming season of DWTS (USA name for Strictly Come Dancing for the Brits on here…), one of my favourite shows, was announced.  I was pleased to see that Martina Navratilova is going to be appearing as you will see in the attached link.  I was, however, really disappointed to see that she was going to be dancing with a man on the show.

I posted this comment on Facebook earlier and received comments from both sides of the argument.  Here’s my thoughts.  If Martina Navratilova goes out to dance, she does it with her partner/wife.  To put it more bluntly, she dances with someone of the same-sex.  That is what she does/would do, apart from when obviously doing a social dance with a male friend.  So by dancing with a man on DWTS she is automatically doing something different from what she would normally be doing.  Is this a good thing or right?

What we end up with is an out lesbian dancing with a man because they either don’t want their sexuality to be a distraction from the competition, which I think is really troubling, or because they were not given the choice in the first place.  If the distraction argument were the case, then why not stay in the closet as a tennis player?  Would that not have been considered a distraction too?  I certainly didn’t hear any arguments then.  On top of that is the fact that we see an out lesbian competing as a part of a symbolic heterosexual couple.  What does that say to young LGBT folk?  That they can’t do ballroom dancing as an out lesbian on TV with someone of the same-sex, that’s what it says.

Well, there are my thoughts.  I know that they are different from a lot of my friends.  So let’s start some debate on that.  What do you think and why?

Big love,



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