One step forward, two steps backward.

Today’s Link

Sometimes it just seems that things don’t really get better.  Some places also seem to be stuck in a time warp too.  Enter today’s link where a legislator in Oklahoma wants to introduce laws that make it illegal to introduce policies that prevent discrimination.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We had one here in Cincinnati for many years.  It made it illegal to pass any law that prohibited discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity.

As always, the person in Oklahoma doing this says that it is needed so that people don’t get more protection than is listed at state level.  How convenient for the bigots.  All it means is that they have to pass one law and then they can hide behind it for ever after.  Well, until it gets repealed like it did in Cincy eventually.  How about they just prohibit discrimination in the constitution?  Then everyone would be protected.  But of course that isn’t what they want is it.  It all comes back to those get out clauses to allow people to discriminate.  They say that it is unfair to protect certain people above others.  Well, it may not occur to these fools but people need protecting because they ARE being discriminated against!  Good grief….

All this over who people love.  Really…..




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