Mary-Land becomes Marry-Land

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Morning blogpickers!  I know it’s against the grain to do my posts in the morning but it promises to be a hectic weekend this weekend so I thought I would get an early jump on things!

Yesterday, Maryland became the 8th state to vote for marriage equality!  Sure, there are the usual exemptions allowing people to legally discriminate if they feel like it but this is still a big step forward.  It won’t, of course, take effect for a while as now there will likely be a vote by all those people who want discriminate to put it on the november ballot.  So the merry-go-round (or should that be Mary-go-round?) begins it’s journey again.

As someone one from overseas it is interesting to see the demographic of the states that vote for marriage equality and those that vote against it.  It seems to be, from my untrained eye, pretty much mirroring the split of North/South, slavery/freedom, black civil rights/no Black civil rights.  But that is just a hunch.

Any of my US friends care to jump in a educate us all on that point?

Big love,



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