Spot the “Trans” woman?

Todays Link

Your link today is an article from a UK site that focuses on a recent advert by a gambling company, Paddy Powers.  Powers is encouraging people to go to Cheltenham races in the UK on “Ladies Day” part of their annual racing calendar and play “Spot the Transgender”.  The video advert, airing on multiple channels in the UK refers to Trans women as either Stallions or Mares.  You can read all about this desperate pitch by Powers in the link.

They plan to “plant” transgender women in the crowd to help people along, it seems.  This is one of the most hateful things that I can imagine a company doing.  Transgender people already suffer as a minority and now we are having a company play “spot the ball” with them?  I find it unconscionable that the TV stations are refusing to pull the advert from programs and I ask a simple question…..

If this was “spot the black man” and they intended to send white people in “black face” into the crowd, would there be a public outcry?

Big love,



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