New Jersey passes marriage equality

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Sometimes it seems that everything just happens at once.  A bit like waiting for the bus in London where you stand there for ages and none appear, then all of a sudden three of them turn up at the same time.  These past few weeks have seen a similar state of affairs with marriage equality.

First we had the federal appeals court rule that Prop. 8 in California was unconstitutional.  Then Washington state passed marriage equality.  Now today New Jersey passed it too.  The sticking point is going to be Governor Christie who has promised to veto the measure when it reaches his desk.  You can read all about it in today’s link, including the fact that a recent poll in NJ showed that the public actually support marriage equality.

Will it survive?  That remains to be seen.  This bill, like so many others, allows religious groups to continue to discriminate lawfully.  That bit is still so problematic for me though I recognise that is a sensitive issue.  I’m curious as to what you, the readers, think.  Should we allow such conscience exemptions to laws about marriage equality that allow discrimination?

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3 thoughts on “New Jersey passes marriage equality

  1. Hi Dave , love your daily window into American queer politics and life in general. Always amazes me the politics vary so
    Much from state to state but my Californian born friend who lives over here always reminds me to think of the USA like Europe. A continent full of different countries bound in a name. Anyway, keep em coming. Makes me realise how progressive stud UK is.

  2. “Should we allow such conscience exemptions to laws about marriage equality that allow discrimination?”

    My gut reaction is a flat out no, perhaps because in my mind the exemptions are made to nutters. I believe however that to go at this as I am absolutely right, they are absolutely wrong, puts me in the same boat as them.

    analogy follows

    I think that if it is against someones religion to wash their hair (just an example), and they work someplace that sells shampoo, they still must sell that shampoo. If they own a store they should not be required to sell shampoo. The thing that society needs to do (realizing that there is value in the washed headed) is refuse to shop where the shampoo isn’t available. The shop would go under.

    I keep hearing about the religious people who don’t agree with the staunch anti gay stand of their “leaders”,,,, they need to be conscientious objectors and stop supporting their church. That change needs to come from the inside not be forced upon it by the government.

    I could ramble on, but it would probably make less sense as I proceeded.

    Thanks for the blog David…

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