Making amends for anti-gay slurs.

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A nice story today, keeping on with the tradition of love from yesterday.  Brett Ratner, the chap who was supposed to producing the Oscars this year but was sacked after making a comment that “rehearsal’s for fags” has announced that he is going to be making a video with GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Ratner was rightly pilloried for his outburst, especially in such a reportedly homophobic place as Hollywood that seems to be outwardly very supportive but is reportedly not so supportive to LGBT folks in the Hollywood community of professionals.  Although it is clearly unlikely that someone like Ratner would ever have ended up working with a group like GLAAD if it had been part of his public punishment, it is good to see that he went along with it and is using his talents to help out an important cause.  One can only hope that he has learnt something from it all.

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One thought on “Making amends for anti-gay slurs.

  1. Words, hold so much power. I still can’t see attacking everyone for their use of them in the same way. It is sometimes hard to discern intent, but I know that I take it into account when I hear my friends use a word that would from others be offensive.

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