Washington State joins the club.

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Today the governor of Washington signed their marriage equality bill into law.  Signed with (some) bi-partisan it makes them the seventh state to join the ranks of those that support marriage equality.  But the bill won’t actually become law until June which is the deadline for the groups who oppose it to gather enough signatures to put it on a referendum in November.  They have to collect 102,000 signatures, something that I am sure that they will do.  The stage is now set for yet another showdown at the ballot box as to whether public opinion should control marriage equality.

It’s interesting that this has all come about after California and the federal appeals court there have declared Proposition 8 to be unconstitutional.  Will the same happen in Washington now?  As you will see from the article, there are lots of similarities between the two states.  This tug of war between al the groups just seems endless, doesn’t it?

All this about love…….wow.




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