The San Francisco Police Department

Today’s Link

A short one today but a moving one.  Some of you will be familiar with the “It Get’s Better Project”, an organisation that encourages people to make videos that let young LGBT people who have been having a hard time with bullying that things really do get better.  It’s a response to all the teen suicides over LGBT issues that have taken place over the last year or so.

If you check out the overall project there are many more videos by “regular” people than there are by superstars etc.  The superstars tend to get the media exposure though, which is also important because people look up to other people, a fact of how we function as human beings.  So seeing people in a position of authority, such as the SFPD, make an It Get’s Better video is really important.  Click the link above and watch.  It’s a little longer than what I usually post but I think it is worth it.  For those of you who are younger, who have kids, or have struggled with depression and suicide issues  because of your sexuality, keep on going and watch this video.

To paraphrase a very old English song “If you want to know the time, ask a Policeman”, if you want to know if it gets better, ask the San Francisco Police Department.

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