Ellen to the rescue…..

Today’s Link

So, something both serious and light-hearted for today methinks.  There has been a bit of a stink over the last few weeks about the fact that JC Penney have picked Ellen as their latest spokesperson.  It seems the One Million Moms campaign object to this purely because Ellen is gay.  They have been pressurizing JC Penney to drop Ellen but they have refused to do so even though they are being threatened with a boycott.  Good for them!

Today Ellen took the unusual step of responding to the Million Moms on her show.  It really is a great segment to watch if you haven’t already seen it.  It mixes comedy with a few home truths and is powerful stuff.  Ya boo sucks to the Million Moms is my response to it all.

But there is an upside to all these crazy people and their never-ending boycott calls.  As they boycott more and more places, soon the only place they will be able to shop is Wal-Mart.  So go ahead, crazies…..keep going.  It will be good to a) know where you all are, and b) be able to shop wherever we want knowing that you wont be spying on us nice homos from across the snow peas….. I hate Wal-Mart anyway and think it is the perfect place for you all to hang out and swap your evil ideas with each other.

Big love and thanks to “Toots” for the tip about the video!



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