Romney and the prop 8 ruling

Today’s Link

Well, today has been a great day in that the federal appeals court in California ruled that Proposition 8, the initiative that stripped the right of marriage that had already been granted to same-sex couples, was unconstitutional.  This is now the 2nd time that this law has been found to be unconstitutional.  You can read many articles about this all over the place, so I won’t re-hash them here.

However today’s link is the press release that Mitt Romney released about the ruling.  In it he states that this finding is wrong.  Surprise.  It is, as usual, blamed on activist judges which just seems to be another way for people to say that the ruling isn’t what they wanted.  I for one am getting really tired of that excuse.  But, aside from that, what this statement really shows is Romneys true position on marriage equality and gives a sharp warning to what should be expected by those that support equality should they vote for him.

For those of my friends who are gay and are thinking of voting for him, pay attention.  This is the clearest sign you have yet been given.  You have been warned.

Big love,



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