California ruling tomorrow…again

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Well, tomorrow brings yet another twist in the ongoing saga of Proposition 8 in California, the ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage after it had already been allowed legally for almost a whole year.  The ruling tomorrow will rule on the constitutionality (again) on the case.  I say again because you may well be familiar that this has already been voted unconstitutional once before and the losers appealed.

The issue of the ruling seems moot in my eyes as this will just be appealed again, all the way to the supreme court it seems.  Just think how much money would be saved if they just allowed marriages not to be put up for a popular vote?  It would surely help with the budget issues, right?  But of course the due legal process is much more important.  Who knows what will happen to the people who are already married.  Will their marriages go through some sort of “auto annulment” or will we be left with a group of people who get to wear a special badge that says “I am married and you can’t touch it”…a little like me  🙂

Who knows.  But rest assured that the judgement tomorrow will not be the end of it…..

Big love,


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