More Mayors for Marriage.

Today’s link

Well, I’ll keep this one brief as I know that many of you may well be watching the Superbowl!  It’s a follow-up from my post a while back about the Mayors for Marriage equality program.  A bunch more have signed up now, including Lexington’s openly gay Mayor, Jim Gray.  Good for him.  It’s such a surprise to find an out gay person as Mayor somewhere like Kentucky, which while certainly more progressive than most of the state, is still in Kentucky, hardly with a track record of progressive thought with regard to equality of all sorts.  Hopefully this signifies things are changing!

Oh, and if Madge kisses Niki at the game, someone send me an email and I’ll amend my previous posts.  Also, in honour of the Superbowl you’ll also note that my self-portrait demonstrates my sporting skills of catching the ball.

Big love,



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