Stopping LGBT bullying in schools is shameful.

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Well, something of interest to LGBT folks will be happening at the SnoozerBowl tomorrow.  No, it’s not the phony Dyke, Madonna performing, (but that is happening too) but the display of message from GLSEN on huge electronic billboards around the stadium.  For those of you who are not familiar with GLSEN, they are an organization who work to stop homophobia and bullying in schools that is linked to sexuality.  They have been running a campaign for the last few years called “Think Before You Speak” which looks at the issue with kids who use the word “gay” as a pejorative term; eg “that’s so gay”.

Grazie media, the company who own the boards at the football stadium have courageously donated time for the ads to be displayed.  They should be congratulated for this.  However, some people don’t like it.  Linda Harvey of Mission America has launched a campaign to have this stopped, calling it “a shameful message”.

It’s shameful to try to stop kids saying something that hurts and is at the root of bullying?  Wow.  Ms Harvey is black.  Would she think it shameful to stop people saying “That’s so n****r”?  That’s about the long and short of it.

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PS. if Madonna really had any balls she’d kiss Niki Minaj on telly tomorrow to show her support.  But that wouldn’t give her the promotion that she wants, would it.


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