Madonna is kissing girls…again.

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So, with a new album and a single on the way so it must be time to drum up some publicity.  In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Madonna has said that she recently kissed Nicki Minaj.  Apart from the personal eeew factor of Nicki Minaj, this is really problematic.

Madonna has done many great things in her career so far.  She has immeasurably helped the role of women in the music world, so much so that many young female artists wouldn’t be where they are today without Madge having been around first.  But she also causes harm by doing this in my book.  You’ll recall she and Brittney Spears shared a kiss on telly years back as well when Brittney was the flavour of the month.  Same flavour of the month as Nicki is now.  Really Madonna, do you think people won’t detect this little deja vu moment to attempt to shock yourself into relevance?

But it is problematic for other reasons.  You see Madge is demonstrably not gay, and to my knowledge she’s not bisexual either.  I would have no problem if her snogging Minaj (double eeew) was followed up by an announcement that she was coming out of the closet.  But she didn’t and she isn’t.  So this becomes a cheap ploy using “lesbian chic” as a way to grab attention.  It makes women who really are lesbians settle for a back seat while a faux lesbian gets the news.  It also trivialises same-sex couples love.  On top of that it helps perpetuate that whole male heterosexual thing of eroticising lesbianism for the males desire.  It’s sort of a double anti-women strike and one that Madge should be ashamed of.  Reverse feminism indeed….

This isn’t a tirade about her music before all the Madonna fans line up to ring my neck over this.  I like her music (mostly) and respect her talent.  But I prefer it when she isn’t climbing to the top on other people’s backs and selfishly adding to their woes in the process.  Stop kissing girls Madge…please.

Big love,



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