Mayors for Marriage program

Today’s link and a second link

So, here is something that has been quietly happening and has just caught my attention.  I had read about it a few weeks ago but had not commented on it (one story a day can be SO restricting….lol) but now seemed like a good time.

The “program” if you will is 116 mayors from cities across the US who have come together to support marriage equality.  Spearheaded by Michael Bloomberg in New York the mayors are from all kinds of places.  You can check out the full list so far in the second link.  It’s really interesting to see the variety of places that have supportive mayors.

This kind of program is vital as it really helps build a strong and growing base.  It also allows peer pressure to take effect at the political table too so lets hope that it continues to grow.  Cincinnati’s own mayor, Mark Mallory just joined the list today.  I do find this troubling as it seems to be public knowledge that Mallory is gay and lives with his male partner.  He has never “come out” though, which in a city such as Cincinnati which is so conservative gives me pause for thought.  It’s troubling that he should stay closeted in a place where there is so much to do, especially in the light of Cincinnati’s history of suppressing equality, both in relation to race and sexuality.  But that is a topic for another day.

So I’d like to say thanks to all the Mayors who have joined up so far.  Here’s to hoping that they pressurize (an English term…) the rest of their colleagues around the country.  Anyone want to tally them up by political affiliation, or would that be to depressing to do?

Big love,



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