And now for something a little lighter…and handsomer!

Today’s Link

So, after the heavier posts of the last few days I decided that you all needed something a little more light hearted to look at.  What could be more light hearted than the official winner of “Britain’s Manliest Man” competition…..

Sacha Harding is a professional rugby player (what is it with all these rugby players at the moment?) who has just won the award mentioned.  He was also the face of the  recent campaign called Movember which aimed to raise awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.  Laudable stuff.

As well as being easy on the eyes, Sacha is also quite special in that he has just done a photo shoot for the nude issue of a UK magazine, Gay Times, which is a special issue that raises funds for Elton John’s Aids foundation.  He does all of this with the backing of his rugby club, and importantly his team mates.  You’ll note in the link what he says about his team mates and all of this.  Sacha appears to be straight as well (from what I can find online).

How admirable that someone can be so comfortable in his own skin/sexuality that he can do stuff like this without being pigeon-holed as either gay, straight, or whatever, especially in the sports world.  One can only hope that such openness amongst people who are role models for all ages will continue.

Big love!



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