The Adulterer.

Today’s Link

Well, I couldn’t help myself but post a link about Newt Gingrich and his win in South Carolina yesterday.  What news to wake up to this morning.  But before I go any further, let’s clear one thing up.  I am most concerned with his hypocrisy.  Not his fiscal politics, not his foreign policy, or any of that stuff.  Why, I hear you ask?

Because integrity is what is most important.  It’s really a top down process with integrity at the top.  Just as in business if the leadership has no integrity then the decisions that they and the people below them make will have no integrity either.  They can never be considered to be 100% genuine or honest.  This is a one way street; once your integrity is gone it is almost impossible to get it back.  So why do I say this about Gingrich?  Because of the sex issues.  Yes, I am talking about his private life, something that he scathingly attacked the media for asking him about the other day.  Normally I wouldn’t care if he got a blowjob, had outdoor sex, or swung from the light fitting wearing a ball gown.  That is (normally) his business.  But these days it isn’t.  He made it everyone elses business by talking about my relationship as a gay man.  Talking about the sanctity of marriage, preservation of marriage, marriage being between one man and one woman, etc, means that his stuff is fair game.

Accordingly that makes him an adulterer.  It makes his wife/wives an adulteress.  I’d say that his current wife could be called the First Mistress instead of First Lady if he were elected,  but wouldn’t she more correctly be called the Second Mistress?  Normally I wouldn’t care.  I actually don’t really care, but seeing as he brought it up I’ll make sure that people continue to know about it.

But he doesn’t want it talked about as part of his campaign.  He just wants to talk about other people’s sexual habits and predilections.  See what I mean about integrity?  You think this will mean he has integrity when he makes decisions on fiscal policy or foreign policy?  Or will he invoke the same double standard?  You can never know now, can you?  If you take back all your comments about other people’s sexuality, Newt, then I’ll look at your other policies and stop talking about your sex life.  But remember when you get your knickers in a twist about the press and your sex life that you started it all.

Big love, and a huge scoop of disgust,



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